What is New Paradigm? 

Inspired by the power of mycelium, our business is based around the idea of a New Paradigm where inclusivity, collaboration, and community are embedded at its core.

In a time where we are taught that money and resources trickle like rain from the top, we aim to grow strong roots within our community which enable all of us to cultivate our own resources through the act of sharing and collaboration

What Makes a celebration? We Do.

Parties and events are our favorite form of celebration. From event coordination, to entertainment and visual arts, we are obsessed with creating valuable memories for others to enjoy. We create community events, provide musical and visual entertainment, and throw the sickest house parties you've ever seen.

Aggie Flores


Industrial & Graphic Designer.


Event Producer.


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Jing Wen


Financial Analyst.

Relationship Coach.


Fellow Weirdo.

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Stephany Ferreira

Stephany Ferreira


Social Media Marketing.

Website Developer.

Also a Weirdo.

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